iStock_000021963294MediumDating has always been difficult but now that technology has entered into the mix it can be even more confusing.  Just how old are those pictures on that website?  What is the real history of the person you are trying to engage on that site?

Unfortunately, there are professional daters who have no intention of working towards a solid relationship.  They are referred to as trollers.


Here are 15 questions that may help you to weed out those trollers and save your time for someone who deserves you.  There is no guarantee because there are people who not only cannot be honest with you but also with themselves.

  • Where are your favorite places to go on dates and why?
  • What brought you the most satisfaction in your career?
  • Is money or your family more important to you?
  • What religion were your raised in?  Are you religious or would you consider yourself spiritual.
  • Have you ever done any volunteer work and if so what did you do?
  • What are your opinions on our upcoming election?
  • Do you like pets?
  • What leisure activities do you enjoy and why?
  • What does a romantic activity consist of for you?
  • What does emotional intimacy mean to you?
  • Can you have emotional intimacy without physical intimacy?
  • Can you describe 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses that you have?
  • How do you feel about your partner in your last relationship?
  • How do you feel about your mother and your father?
  • What are you looking for in a relationship?

Some clues to look for are the person does not let you get a word in. He/she is evasive and does not ask you any questions.  These are open ended questions so there should be a conversation that happens around them.

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