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Living with Personal and Global stress.

It feels like our lives have taken a different turn since January.  While trying to find our way in the world our observation of the world and how we live in it has changed.  We learned after 9/11 that there was a new normal and that seems to keep shifting.  Developing and enhancing coping skills has always been a focus in therapy.  Together we can develop new coping skills for the times we live in while developing plans for the future.

In studying life-span development it is evident that we face challenges and triumphs at every level of aging.  Developing knowledge about the self and life skills can help us to master or cope with life.  I can help you to attain this self-knowledge.  What may seem as a devastating experience can move us to a new level of functioning that will develop into a more satisfying life.

Positive psychology is focused on finding what makes us happy.  What gives us a sense of well-being? Close relationships, being in the flow, caring for others, discovering strengths and virtues, spiritual engagement, exercise and good nutrition.  We can focus on developing a lifestyle that can enrich your life.

  • It’s time. Time to explore, introspect and gain insight into you.
  • It’s time to move forward and transcend old beliefs and change the script.
  • Learn to release and let go of your resistance to change.
  • We can take this journey together while you learn new coping mechanisms, stress reduction and communication skills.
  • We can explore how stress and depression are affecting your health.

We can work from my office in Riverdale or  on-line. You can make an appt for an office visit in the following portal:        →              Client Portal<


Telehealth conferencing is on-line therapy using your smart phone or computer. As of January 2016, your insurance may pay for this. Whether this feature is available to you will depend on the contract that you have with that insurance company.  All United and Oxford participants are covered for Telehealth except for those with ACA.  If you have any other insurance just contact me by phone or email and I will contact your insurance company for you.  A self-pay session for telehealth would be $100/hr and $50/half hour.  In addition, I am listed with an app called Everbliss.  You can have sessions for as short as 15 minutes or as long as 45 minutes. Those sessions with Everbliss are not covered by insurance.

Telephone sessions are not covered by insurance so I do phone sessions for $45 per 1/2 hour.

Payment for copay or self-pay is made with Paypal.